We are asking parents, teachers, students and other stakeholders to contribute their thoughts on the development of our 2023/24 CVUSD School Safety Plan.  The focus of this plan is student safety, belonging, and expected behavior along with how our staff respond to disruptive, threatening, and/or dangerous behavior.

    Your contribution will help us to better understand your views on school safety, and on areas that need improvement. To do this we are providing multiple ways for you to share your thoughts, including surveys, virtual and in-person townhalls, and site-based focus groups.

    Anonymous Surveys


    Focus Group Meetings

    • Parent Focus Group on Student Behavior Plan
      • August 2, 2023
      • 11am
      • Location TBD
      • If interested, please fill out this . Thank you. 

    Here’s What We’ve Accomplished So Far

    • Communicated  

    • Hired a District Safety Coordinator

    • Hired eleven Campus safety leads 

    • Increased the number of school counselors from 9 to 50 to address growing mental health concerns and teach social/behavioral skills

    • Provided Options training for active shooter, a mandatory training for all certificated staff  

    • Refreshed secure campus/lockdown drills and retrained all staff 

    • Ensured that are clearly visible in all classrooms and campus phones

    • Standardized communication protocols for safety responses

    • Increased safety for student drop-off/pick-up, as well as the reunification process after an evacuation or lockdown 

    • Improved communication systems with for staff during secure campus 

    • Introduced Crimestoppers “Students Speak Out” as a way for students to anonymously report safety concerns

    • Partnered with the El Cajon Police Department to introduce the to inform schools when a student has experienced trauma at home

    • Partnered with local law enforcement to create more effective communication systems

    • Implemented Raptor system in all campuses, and will have Raptor added to District Office for the 23/24 school year

    • Installed “Lockblock” devices on all campus doors

    • Inspected and improved campus perimeter fences at all sites

    • Performed perimeter fidelity checks at entry/exit points at all sites 

    • Provided Threat Screening training for all campus administrators 

    • Trained all administrators on district response to bullying plan

    • Created a new central mental health team to address:

      • Bullying, human trafficking, suicide, drug prevention

      • Post-crisis (or drill) communication/debrief/restoration with students & staff  

    Future Actions

    • Training for all administrators on the district response to sexual harassment plan during the 23/24 school year

    • Proposed and drafted a District Safety Committee Plan on the prevention, intervention and response for student behavior, with each school having a consistent plan for 23/24 to respond to student behavior within the classroom. All administrators will be trained during summer 23/24

    • Provided a new PROACT (prevention, de-escalation, response) training to district coaches, with the goal of increasing offerings for the 23/24 school year