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    ̨ͼⱦ English Language Learner Mission Statement 

     English language learners will be happy, healthy, and prepared to be full contributors and participants in the multilingual society of the 21st century.

Our Goals

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    English Learner Program Goals


      • Offer research-supported program options to parents and students.
      • Provide daily instruction in English Language Development for all English learners. 
      • Use the English Language Development standards in concert with the Common Core to enrich the student experience.
      • Provide access to adaptive technology to support students in language acquisition and standards mastery. 
      • Integrate a variety of assessments to inform instruction.
      • Engage in data analysis to inform instructional decision making.
      • Involve parents in the school and classroom via home-language communication.
      • Provide professional development for support staff, teachers, and school leaders to maximize language acquisition and achievement of English Learners.


    Equity.               Innovation.              Choice.